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Empowering Intelligent & Collaborative Security Fabric for Enterprises

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SIEM Software for Accelerated Detection & Elimination of Threats

AccelOps SIEM accelerates the rate at which organizations are able to discover threats

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Your Network is Your Brand

Security is not just about protecting information, it’s about protecting your , brand, your customers, and your reputation.

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Real-time Network Monitoring, Cross-Correlation & out of box reporting

Accelops patented unified network security monitoring software and analytics platform integrates and cross correlates data

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Latest Release – Version 4.5

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Why choose AccelOps SIEM Software?

Security. Performance. Compliance. Easy to Deploy with Rapid Time to Value.


AccelOps SIEM derives threat and security intelligence through “machine learning” that monitors, in real-time, behavioral profiles, and analyzes trends detecting any anomalies for rapid determination of the sources of threats, and context as to the elements in the network that are affected.

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The first phase in monitoring Performance is through the development of a baseline topology of all the devices and applications attached to the network. This is done using AccelOps next generation (CMDB) Centralized Management Database self discovery software tool. Once the baseline topology is created, the tool continues to monitor and self-learn any changes to the network environment. As with many NOC tools,  AccelOps will then monitor and manage the thresholds for each device, including CPU utilization, Memory utilization, User actions etc. and reports on any statistical anomalies.

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The AccelOps platform comes standard with hundreds of Out-of-the-Box Compliance Reports that have comprehensive rule-sets and reports covering the strict mandates and audit requirements outlined in each. In addition there are hundreds of customizable elements for any unique policy needs required by any organization.

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Our Network Monitoring Solutions

The AccelOps platform fundamentally changes the ways that organizations are able to manage and monitor their network, through the real-time collection and correlation of both SOC and NOC analytics for greatly increased speed in identifying threats across many types of physical and cloud environments, irrespective of industry.


No matter what  type of business you are in, AccelOps analytics-driven platform serves the needs of both the Security Operations Center (SOC) and the Network Operations Center (NOC) initiatives by tightly monitoring and managing security, performance and availability of all network systems and elements in real-time.

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AccelOps Customers are organizations of all types, and sizes, with network facilities located on 6 continents with millions of devices being monitored around the globe.

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