You need a smart IT management solution that gets smarter with use.

AccelOps detects complex IT patterns in high-volume events and data to automatically make sense of complexity - in real-time. The system gets smarter as new patterns are learned, enabling it to automatically handle new scenarios. To handle scale, you simply add virtual machines to the AccelOps cluster. We do the rest. No need to resize servers and manually redistribute data.

Led by industry veterans from Cisco, Oracle and SAP, our team has built some of the most innovative category-defining products in IT management. This collective experience is distilled into AccelOps products that are highly sophisticated on the inside, yet extremely easy to use and manage.

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AccelOps At-a-Glance

Industry: IT Operations and Cloud Management Software

Solutions: Cloud Security, Performance and Availability Monitoring, Big Data Analytics, Asset Discovery and Change Management, Cloud and Virtualization Monitoring, Compliance Automation, IT Operations Management, Remote Service Management

Customers: Technology, Financial Services & Insurance, Government, Education, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Sports, Entertainment & Hospitality, Energy, Utilities & Transportation, Manufacturing, Retail

Founded: 2007, privately held

Locations: Santa Clara, Calif. (headquarters) and Shanghai

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