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SIEM Software and Network Monitoring Solutions

  • Cloud Security

    Cloud Security

    By deploying AccelOps within a remote data center or cloud service provider, a single AccelOps application monitors an organization’s entire IT infrastructure from a single screen as if the cloud-based servers were running on-premise.
  • Performance and Availability Monitoring

    Performance and Availability Monitoring

    AccelOps’ Performance and Availability Monitoring solution gives you an integrated view into the health of your network, systems, applications and virtualization environments.
  • Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics

    AccelOps’ virtual appliance easily scales to process billions of events and petabytes of data using hundreds of built-in rules and nearly 2,000 pre-defined and customizable reports for managing application performance plus PCI-DSS, and HIPAA compliance.
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

    Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

    AccelOps offers a scalable, high-performance, multi-tenant network monitoring and security management platform to enable MSPs to expand their service offerings, reduce costs and gain a more strategic relationship with their customers by spanning server, storage, network, security, critical business applications across the entire organizational infrastructure – through traditional data centers or delivered virtually in the cloud.
  • Asset Discovery & Change Management

    Asset Discovery & Change Management

    AccelOps offers an automated intelligent discovery engine that self learns the network infrastructure, building a baseline CMDB. Changes to the baseline, physical or virtual devices, servers, storage, users and applications are monitored and reported on throughout your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud and Virtualization Monitoring

    Cloud and Virtualization Monitoring

    Remote data centers and cloud-based services provide rapid delivery, faster time to value, greater resiliency, flexibility and scalability for more agile business requirements.
  • Compliance Automation

    Compliance Automation

    AccelOps features full log aggregation, real-time event correlation and online data retention with rules and reports mapped to leading management and compliance standards such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, COBIT and GPG13.
  • IT Operations Management

    IT Operations Management

    By deploying AccelOps collectors within a remote data center or cloud service provider, a single AccelOps application monitors the entire infrastructure from a single screen as if the cloud-based servers were running on-premise.
  • Cisco MARS Migration

    Cisco MARS Migration

    Have you delayed your decision to replace your Cisco MARS solution? As end-of-service milestones approach, don’t leave your environment exposed. Created by the founders of the Cisco MARS product, AccelOps defines the new standard for SIEM.
  • Technology


    The technology industry is broad, encompassing managed service and cloud providers, software and hardware vendors, online services, social media and technology services.
  • Financial Services & Insurance

    Financial Services & Insurance

    Customer and regulatory demands for financial services and insurance companies are high – from new products and services, 24×7 availability and mobile access, to security and regulatory compliance.
  • Education


    Educational institutions are under incredible pressure to provide robust technology services to attract the best students and faculty, yet remain under the constant pressure of resource and budget constraints.
  • Energy, Utilities & Transportation

    Energy, Utilities & Transportation

    Day-to-day operations of bulk power systems and transportation systems increasingly rely on cyber security assets. The communications networks tied to these systems are massive, complex and growing.
  • Government


    Government agencies are responsible for providing national security, intelligence services and civilian protection around the globe. At the federal, state and local levels, government faces increased demand for services, while handling critical data.
  • Healthcare


    The healthcare industry has evolved into an IT industry due to a variety of changes: online billing and remote access to health records; healthcare delivery and case management via mobile devices; as well as government mandates around electronic records and patient privacy.
  • Manufacturing


    The manufacturing industry relies on cutting-edge technology to deliver operational efficiencies and troubleshooting, process automation, cost reduction and competitive advantage.
  • Retail, Wholesale & Distributors

    Retail, Wholesale & Distributors

    Whether in the retail, wholesale or distribution business, brand loyalty, customer acquisition and experience are paramount to a company’s success.
  • Sports, Entertainment & Hospitality

    Sports, Entertainment & Hospitality

    What do sports and concert enthusiasts and hotel guests all have in common? The expectation of a reliable and available network to access the Internet, make purchases, view videos and movies, listen to audio and browse the web.
  • Telecommunications


    The telecommunications industry is highly competitive with the need to deliver converged multimedia services: voice, data and content services while providing the highest levels of customer experience and problem resolution times.


AccelOps provides SIEM software to create analytics-driven IT Operations Management for cloud, virtualized and legacy infrastructures. We manage security, performance, availability and compliance, all on a single screen. Read more >


The network monitoring software of AccelOps automatically discovers, analyzes and automates IT issues in machine and big data across organizations’ data centers and cloud resources, spanning servers, storage, networks, security, applications and users. Read more >

Big data analytics provides a structured framework for avoiding hacks and fraud. Big Data also contributes to the creation of a more secure cryptocurrency environment.

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