AccelOps Security SIEM is the Ideal Solution for Centralized IT Infrastructure Control

Network attacks are real and they need a real solution that can identify, analyze and address the anomalies in real-time. Organizations can deploy the AccelOps security SIEM for all their network infrastructure monitoring needs. This product can be deployed across the onsite, offsite and even on cloud IT and computing environments.

Just as any other SIEM, that is, Security information and event management product, this one from AccelOps is designed to counter problems that every organization faces. In any organization, data will be produced in many different locations that are geographically far from each other. Therefore, a centralized system of monitoring the data security is needed. The main objective of this solution is to make the monitoring of trends easier, find security threats and loopholes in real time when things are out of pattern.


How the AccelOps security SIEM works

AccelOps security SIEM deploys many gathering agents to collect as much security related data as possible from the end user systems, servers, equipments for networking and devices. The agents will also collect data from security tools like antivirus systems and firewalls. The collection agents then forward the data gathered to the centralized collection and analysis point where after a thorough analysis, the out-of-trend patterns are identified and red flags raised for the system administrator to address. By then, the administrator will have created a profile for the systems being monitored, under normal circumstances of course, so that the agents can identify anomalies, if any, easily.

The AccelOps SIEM security solution will deploy a statistical correlation engine that will note similarities between the event log entries. However, unlike many other siem systems, AccelOps will not filter out any events even in the pre-processing stage. Their analytic engine takes into account very complex patterns in the data flow from networks and if there are any flaws, they are detected in real time. The solution measures are deployed in real time by connecting the dots fast, to see the root cause of the security threat in the network environment. Real-time diagnosis is imperative in virtual environments because the root causes of security problems could change fast, influenced by vMotion and other factors.

Simplified event classification is very important because the end user devices, IT systems and all other assets will use different languages for their activities and logs. Thus, a standard language is needed for simplifying the log data from all the systems, devices and IT assets. The AccelOps product is made for just that – integrating siem, availability monitoring and performance into one app that users can deploy easily across all their platforms.

In a simplified language, here are some solutions that the AccelOps security SIEM offers users:

  • Visibility of the infrastructure
  • Reliable system security intelligence to act on
  • Security threat and incident management
  • Data-focused security investigation