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IT Operations Analytics for the Modern Data Center

Making your public, private and hybrid clouds safer, faster and more reliable than ever before
  • Discover

    Agentless, automated discovery
    provides situational context and
    populates the AccelOps machine
    intelligence database.

  • Analyze

    Powerful context-aware analytics leverages machine learning-based anomaly detection to drive historic, real-time and predictive root-cause and trend analysis.

  • Automate

    Rich automation framework detects and performs changes across devices, applications and users.

Manage Security, Performance and Compliance
from a Single Platform

  • Security

    Integrated threat and security
    intelligence driven by machine
    learning-based behavioral profiling,
    trend analysis and anomaly detection
    to rapidly determine root cause.

  • Performance

    Delivering performance, availability
    and change monitoring, utilizing next-
    generation baseline and trend
    modeling to drastically reduce Mean
    Time To Repair.

  • Compliance

    Comprehensive set of rules and
    reports covering more than 10
    mandates out of the box as well as
    customized policy and enforcement
    capabilities, ensuring successful
    compliance and audits.


daily events processed
and growing!

New Capabilities and Features

  • mSonar™ Discovery

  • Advanced Threat Management

  • Real-Time Event Correlation

  • Advanced Log Management

  • Intelligent SIEM

  • Machine Data Search

  • Multi-Tenant Architecture

  • Infinite Matrix™

  • Statistical Anomaly Detection

  • Dynamic Watch Lists

  • Role-Based Access Control

  • InTeleport™ Remote Access

  • Unified Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

  • Business Service Monitoring and Analysis

  • Discovery-Driven Compliance

  • Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

  • Tamper-Resistant Event Storage

  • Comprehensive Device Support

  • In-Depth Storage Monitoring

  • Security and Monitoring for Amazon EC2

  • Advanced Virtualization Monitoring

  • Cloud Scale

  • Hypervisor-Agnostic Virtual Appliance

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