All the Benefits of AccelOps, Available in the Cloud

  • Amazon Web Service Platform
  • High Availability with built in Disaster Preparedness
  • Realtime, Cross-Correlated NOC & SOC Analytics
  • Low/No IT Resources
  • Low/No Hardware Requirements
  • Compliance Management & Reporting
  • Rapid Real-Time Threat Detection and Alerts
  • No SIEM software upgrade headaches
  • Integration with 3rd Part Ticketing Systems – ServiceNow, ConnectWIse

Organizations are increasingly facing threats to their network integrity and challenges in managing against strict regulatory compliance mandates. Implementation and management of the various NOC and SOC tools to monitor the analytics in these environments place additional burdens on already stretched IT resources. And while SIEM solutions offer to facilitate event and incident correlation, to better identify threats, organizations are discovering that it can still become a resource-intensive application that continuously requires more and more processing power, and the staff to run it. And organizations that have previously implemented SIEM solutions are now facing the additional challenges in managing SIEM software version upgrades and the associated hardware refresh requirements due to higher CPU utilization needs. For organizations looking to ease any or all of these burdens, AccelOps Cloud provides three distinct solutions that can be customized based on their unique needs.

  • SIEMaaS Basic

    A “self-service” cloud hosted
    option for organizations that
    wish to perform all set up,
    build-out and ongoing upkeep
    of their cloud security services,
    without the need for additional

  • SIEMaaS Plus

    Includes organizational setup
    and configuration of the
    AccelOps SIEM portal,
    establishment of alert matrix
    and alarming rule-sets with
    incident notification policies,
    third-party ticketing integration
    (Service Now, ConnectWise) and
    customized dashboard reports.

  • SIEMaaS Pro

    Designed as a fully managed,
    turnkey solution. Includes
    management of incident
    notification policies, customized
    rule-sets, enhanced compliance
    reports, additional customized
    reports and automation,
    “synthetic transaction” support,
    along with compliance audit and
    exam support.

Features Of SIEM Basic, SIEM Plus, SIEM Pro

Features SIEM Basic SIEM Plus SIEM Pro
AWS Platform Hosting X X X
Data & System Backups X X X
System Upgrades X X X
System Default Rules & Reports X X X
Organization Setup 1 X X
User Configuration 1 5 Unlimited
Events Per Sec (EPS) Limit 10 10 10
3rd Party Ticketing Integration X X X
60 Days of Storage X X
Automatic Threat Feeds X X
60 Days of Storage X X
Configure Portal Branding X X
Monitor for License and Storage Usage X X
Manage Role-Based Access Control X X
Collector Registration & Setup X X
Pre-Tuned Rules Matrix & Reports X X
Custom Dashboards in Portal 1 Unlimited
Training Optional X
Manage Incident Notification Policies X
Collector Configuration X
Entirely Customized Ruleset X
Ongoing Rule Tuning X
Ongoing False Positive Reduction X
Enhanced Compliance Reports X
Device/Client Onboarding X
Weekly Device Discovery Validation X
Custom Reports & Automation X
Synthetic Transactions Support X
Custom Processes X
Audit / Exam Support X
Security & Compliance Review Add-On Not Available Not Available Optional
Premium Monitoring Services Add-On Not Available Not Available Custom Pricing

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