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Cisco MARS End-Of-Life:

End-Of-Sale:June 3, 2011
Last Ship Date:Sept 1, 2011
End of SW Maint
and Bug Fixes:
June 2, 2012
End of Routine HW
Failure Analysis:
June 2, 2012

Beyond SIEM 1.0 to Security Intelligence

Security Log Management

Looking for a Cisco Mars Replacement? You need to look beyond SIEM to Security Intelligence. Created by the founders of the Cisco MARS product, AccelOps defines the new standard for SIEM. Our next gen product delivers on Security Intelligence through:

  • All events fully enriched with context to automate threat response and reduce forensic analysis costs
  • Quickest path to enterprise wide monitoring, eliminate blind spots
  • Fully-virtualized solution, operates beyond enterprise firewalls into hybrid clouds
  • Big Data real-time analytics to handle data explosion
  • Real-time visibility into Security, Availability, Performance and Configurations in a single dashboard

Top 10 Reasons to replace Cisco MARS with AccelOps

  • 1. End to end investigation of end-user security incidents in 2 hours vs. days
  • 2. Up to 50% reduction in cost to manage SIEM
  • 3. Up to 80% reduction in hours dedicated to operational reporting
  • 4. Fastest deployment and time to value in the industry
  • 5. Clustered virtual appliance based architecture
  • 6. Business Service driven incident prioritization
  • 7. Dynamic user identity and location tracking
  • 8. Industry’s most advanced rules engine including IPS vulnerability map
  • 9. Special replacement pricing
  • 10. Free first year maintenance, assessment and migration assistance

Learn how AccelOps compares with Cisco MARS as well as competitive products.