DevOps – A big assumption that’s often overlooked

Posted on: November 22nd, 2011 by mahesh 1 Comment

Before I write about the elephant in the DevOps room, I’ll first stipulate the premise – that DevOps is bigger than release management and is a new approach to an efficient IT lifecycle, from development to operations  (

Given this context, the gigantic assumption implicit in DevOps is that there is such a thing called “Ops”.  In most enterprises “Ops” is actually Server-Network-Storage-Virtualization-Applications-Security… and this is not even the full list.  Today these domains operate quite independent of each other.   We can’t have DevOps without some consolidation of people/roles, process/culture and technology within Ops.  Until there is broad evidence that this transformation is happening we should consider changing “DevOps” to “DevServerNetworkStorageVirtualizationApplicationsSecurity…” to reflect the true scope of the challenge.