Cisco MARS Migration

Have you delayed your decision to replace your Cisco MARS solution? As end-of-service milestones approach and Cisco support for the product ends, don’t leave your environment exposed.  You need to look beyond SIEM to Security Intelligence. Created by the founders of the Cisco MARS product, AccelOps defines the new standard for SIEM.

Cisco MARS users need application monitoring solutions that will allow them to scale and grow with them and grow with them and their customer environments. They need an advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution in a virtual appliance that reduces hardware costs and future investments.


AccelOps’ next-gen product delivers on Security Intelligence through:

  • Real-time visibility into Security, Availability, Performance and Change Management in a single dashboard
  • Correlated and context-enriched events that automate threat response and reduce forensic analysis costs
  • The quickest path to enterprise-wide monitoring, eliminating blind spots
  • A fully virtualized solution that goes beyond enterprise firewalls into hybrid clouds
  • Big Data real-time analytics to handle the explosion of data throughout the organization

Top 10 Reasons to Replace Cisco MARS with AccelOps

  1. End-to-end investigation of end-user security incidents in two hours vs. days
  2. Up to 50 percent reduction in cost to manage SIEM over time
  3. Up to 80 percent reduction in hours dedicated to operational reporting
  4. Fastest deployment and time to value in the industry
  5. Ability to monitor private, public or hybrid cloud environments
  6. Clustered scale-out virtual appliance-based architecture
  7. Dynamic user identity and location tracking
  8. Industry’s most advanced rules engine, including IPS vulnerability map
  9. Geolocation database
  10. Replacement pricing, free first year of maintenance, assessment and migration assistance

How Does AccelOps Compare to Cisco MARS

Hughes Network Systems
California Casualty

“While researching alternatives for Cisco MARS, we considered AccelOps along with other SIEM vendors such as Q1 Labs and RSA. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to scale from 5,000 EPS to 10,000 to 12,000 EPS. AccelOps’ virtual appliance solution appealed to us because as our client environment continues to grow, we could rapidly and cost-effectively expand by adding more VMs or storage as needed. With an appliance-based solution, we would have had to replace the hardware on a regular basis and throw away our earlier investment dollars or incur additional upfront investment.”

     -Kartik Seshadri, Senior Director, International Division Hughes Network Systems


Founded in 1914, California Casualty is in the business of providing high-quality insurance coverage and service at a competitive price.

“AccelOps unified, service-oriented approach to data center monitoring gives us broader oversight and enables us to make operational decisions with greater clarity, efficiency and teamwork.”
     -Skip Moon, AVP of Network Development and Engineering at California Casualty


“We chose AccelOps as it is a truly multi-platform SIEM solution. Its innovative feature sets are far richer than Cisco MARS that we replaced with AccelOps. The AccelOps virtual model helps our customers save hardware costs as well.”

     -Juraj Markotic, Manager, Network Solutions, COMBIS Information Technologies and Systems Integration


Healthways offers comprehensive solutions that improve well-being, decrease healthcare costs.

“During our evaluation of both RSA Envision and AccelOps, it was clear that AccelOps would help us realize our ‘Single Pane of Glass’ vision and eliminate multiple tools. AccelOps was up and running in under 3 hours. Once deployed, AccelOps’ powerful discovery capabilities helped us find things in our environment we didn’t even know about.”
     -Russell Butturini, Senior Infrastructure Architect, Healthways