Cloud and Virtualization Monitoring

Remote data centers and cloud-based services provide resiliency, flexibility and scalability for business services.

They also add complexity in ensuring optimal service performance. To meet end-user performance and availability expectations, IT administrators need the ability to monitor both on-premise and off-premise resources in a single, seamless view.


AccelOps Cloud-Based Services

By deploying AccelOps collectors within a remote data center or cloud service provider, a single AccelOps application monitors the entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass as if the cloud-based servers were running on-premise.

AccelOps supports all major cloud service providers, including Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). With AccelOps collectors running on Virtual Machines (VMs) placed inside the EC2 environment, AccelOps collects far more events and infrastructure performance metrics and at finer-grained time intervals than is possible using only the Amazon external monitoring API.