Cloud Scale Analytics

Empowering Intelligent & Collaborative Security Fabric for Enterprises

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Cloud Scale Analytics Empowering Intelligent & Collaborative Security Fabric for Enterprises

The cyber-security industry is at the intersection of many powerful trends.

  • Proliferation of network attached end points driven by mobile, BYOD, IoT and pervasive virtualization
  • Next generation firewall, IPS, security gateways and end point protection software are now able to inspect machine and user activity at greater depths and reporting alerts
  • Advanced persistent security threats are requiring customers to monitor every corner of their infrastructure, including point of sales equipment, desktops, east-west traffic, cloud applications and hybrid cloud environments
  • The cost of a security breach is becoming prohibitively expensive in terms of dollars, productivity and reputation

These industry crosscurrents are creating a perplexing challenge for security administrators. How to collect and quickly search through such high volume of data? How to prioritize all the logs and alerts generated by the devices? How to clearly separate security issues from performance/availability issues? How to capture unusual activity across technology and vendor solutions? How to be more pro-active in predicting issues before they happen?

Existing monitoring solutions are built from pre-virtualization, pre-cloud, pre-BYOD era. Some are focused on specific IT administrative domains e.g. network, systems, applications. Some are focused on specific application domains e.g. availability, security, performance, log management. Some are focused on specific deployment models e.g. cloud only, on-premise only. On top of the fragmented approach, centralized real time correlation found in existing tools, does not scale at high date rates and large number of end points.

AccelOps has developed a modern security monitoring (SIEM) solution that is able to holistically address the security monitoring challenges. AccelOps learns the infrastructure and automatically populates AccelOps CMDB built on a common data model. A unified event based analysis approach enables users to identify true security issues from performance/availability issues. A scale out architecture enables very high volume data collection, search, real time correlation, indexing and storage by simply adding inexpensive hardware. AccelOps is a truly differentiated cloud scale analytics platform for the intelligent and pervasive enterprise security fabric.


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Accelops brings together Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) analytics (SIEM and PAM) into a comprehensive, real-time, and holistic ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ view of an organization’s network