Cloud Security

By deploying AccelOps within a remote data center or cloud service provider, a single AccelOps application monitors an organization’s entire IT infrastructure from a single screen as if the cloud-based servers were running on-premise.

AccelOps supports all major cloud service providers, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).




Next-Generation SIEM with Compliance Automation

AccelOps provides a complete Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution with a single console for both real-time events and historical log analysis, shipping with a knowledgebase of more than 300 rules and more than 1,700 pre-defined reports, including a comprehensive set of compliance reports covering PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, COBIT and GPG13.

Log Management

With an integrated, cross-correlated and prioritized view into network, server, application and user logs, AccelOps simplifies the collection of information that impacts your business. Combining powerful analytics engine, automated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and event consolidation, intelligent anomaly detection, innovative identity and location binding, robust search and reporting, and optimized data management, the solution redefines the next-generation SIEM.      

Threat Management and Compliance

AccelOps supports cross-domain patterns, nested patterns and time-based operators to codify and detect sophisticated threats. When combined with performance and configuration metrics from AccelOps’ Performance and Availability solution, we help organizations detect Advanced Persistent Threats and mitigate risks from a single, integrated platform. AccelOps has a knowledgebase more than 2,000 rules and reports covering HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA, COBIT, GPG13 and other compliance standards.

File Integrity Monitoring

AccelOps can determine whether files have changed on the system. With file integrity monitoring, users get intelligence on who has opened, accessed, changed or deleted a file.      

Behavioral Pattern Analysis

AccelOps automatically builds normal traffic baselines, profiles, thresholds and communication pattern trends by day-of-week and day-of-month. The application correlates all events and incidents with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for complete end-to-end visibility and alerts IT when deviations occur that might indicate a security or performance-impacting event.