30 Days of Compliance Q&As #30: How Do I Monitor Misconfiguration Proliferation?

Business World Computing UK recently posted Top Network Security Issues 2014 by Matt Hines. The article discusses the top 5 areas that are going to see the most security issues in organization. One issue they discuss is:

Misconfiguration Proliferation

Gartner notes that after 20-plus years as a building block of any security practice, more than 95 percent of firewall breaches will be caused by misconfigurations through 2018, not vulnerabilities.

You can read the entire article here: Top Network Security Issues 2014.

At AccelOps, we help customers solve this problem every day. The key is to make sure that configurations are monitored, and when changes are made, you need an automated way to store the new configurations and alert your administrators and security group to verify the changes.

A good practice is to have more than one person review the changes made to your firewall to prevent a misconfiguration that could leave your organization open to an attack or unauthorized access to sensitive data.

AccelOps has the ability to monitor network devices for changes and store those changes within a CMDB (Configuration Management Database). Notifications can be sent to users to show them how the configuration changed. By having multiple people review the changes you can prevent misconfiguration of equipment.

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