Enterprise Event Management Solutions Enhance Service Delivery

What is a business event? While many organizations deal with the provision of services and products to their customers, it is quite a long process from when the leads are generated to when the customer makes the order and pays for it. There will be manual and automatic processes leading to the sale. These processes can be collectively referred to as business events. For the business process to be completed, a certain set of conditions will require to be fulfilled. This therefore calls for an integrated system that can manage enterprise event and lead to gradual increment of the return on investment of a company.


Enterprise event management allows faster response to customer actions

Business events seem to form the core of any organizations businesses everyday. Therefore, a clever management system is needed, one that can allow an organization to respond fast to customer queries and at the same time, keep on top of its game by ensuring absolute security to the network. While investing in the basic and advanced protection tools like the anti-intrusion tools is very welcome, that is not enough. There is still need for more measures to be put into place.

Timeliness and clear understanding of the business events is all that is needed so that a company can streamline its service delivery, end-user performance and reliability. When vigor is maintained over the network, fraud, system faults, security breaches and any forms of anomalies can be detected in good time such that the business will run as normal, with a few interruptions, if any as possible.

The Intrusion prevention tools to monitor the network are not enough 

An organization will deploy a number of tools to monitor its network but even with this number of tools, businesses still report many downtimes within their systems. Downtime could mean loss of customers, especially if the end users experience it. Inefficiencies occur because of the varied interpretations of the logs submitted by different kind of tools. The solution to this mayhem is to have a single enterprise event management solution like AccelOps that will offer a clear analysis and interpretation of all the logs for enhanced service delivery within the organization.

A good system should be proactive in that it should be able to detect failures long before they take place. Many failures within networks are caused by failed checks in the upstream processes. With AccelOps, it will be easy to detect logical, technical as well as physical dependencies between different components of the system and be able to identify and warn of any impending failures before they happen. The result of this is that the system administrator will receive early warnings long before the damage is done and not when the failure has already occurred.

Response and escalation of events

An efficient enterprise event management solution not only detects and suppresses a potential failure, but is should be capable of sending various responses about the event to the relevant personnel. Such response can be through emails or an SMS. AccelOps platform will not only send such responses, but in case a particular event cannot be suppressed, it will escalate the issue to the next person in authority for further action. With AccelOps systems, you are able to take good care of your network and avoid any downtimes because it is possible to detect them long before they happen.