AccelOps Positioned on the 2014 Gartner SIEM Magic Quadrant

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an annual spring rite for the world’s top security companies.

AccelOps was included on the SIEM Magic Quadrant for the first time this year. The Gartner report noted that detection of threats and breaches, as well as compliance remain drivers for enterprises’ SIEM projects and purchases.

“Broad adoption of SIEM technology is being driven by the need to detect threats and breaches, as well as compliance needs,” said the report by Gartner analysts Kelly Kavanagh, Mark Nicolett and Oliver Rochford. “Early breach discovery requires effective user activity, data access and application activity monitoring. Vendors are improving threat intelligence and security analytics.”

Threat intelligence, security management and real-time analytics are right in AccelOps’ sweet spot. And keep in mind that AccelOps’ virtual appliance software monitors much more than just SIEM. AccelOps monitors cloud and virtualized IT infrastructures for performance and compliance issues as well.

“Cross-correlation and real-time analytics are key for IT operations and security intelligence,” said Flint Brenton, AccelOps president and CEO. “AccelOps’ powerful capabilities in discovery, analysis and automation allow our customers to be proactive and responsive to threats, quickly drilling down to root cases and remediation.”

Predictive analytics and proactivity are what it’s all about. “The greatest area of unmet need is effective targeted attack and breach detection,” the report states. “Organizations are failing at early breach detection, with more than 92 percent of breaches undetected by the breached organization. The situation can be improved with stronger threat intelligence, the addition of behavior profiling and better analytics.”


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Read AccelOps’ press release about it here.


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About Accelops

AccelOps provides the leading IT operations analytics platform for the modern data center. The virtual appliance software monitors security, performance and compliance in cloud and virtualized infrastructures – all from a single screen.


AccelOps automatically discovers, analyzes and automates IT issues in machine and big data across organizations’ data centers and cloud resources, spanning servers, storage, networks, security, applications and users. AccelOps’ patented analytics engine with cross-correlation and statistical anomaly detection sends real-time alerts when deviations occur that indicate a security or performance-impacting event.


The AccelOps platform scales seamlessly and provides unmatched delivery of proactive security and operational intelligence, allowing organizations to be more responsive and competitive as they expand their IT capabilities. 

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