Business Challenges

The healthcare industry has evolved into an IT industry due to a variety of changes: online billing and remote access to health records; healthcare delivery and case management via mobile devices; as well as government mandates around electronic records and patient privacy.  Independent and comprehensive healthcare monitoring systems for equipment on the network, such as imaging devices, vital sign monitors and back-end phone systems, is critical. 

Due to regulatory mandates, entities such as insurance, health application and device manufacturers that transmit any health record information are also subject to the same requirements and penalties. 

AccelOps for Healthcare


Details and Benefits  

AccelOps provides the healthcare industry with the first software application to monitor security (SIEM), performance and availability monitoring of IT infrastructure and applications on a single platform – working across private cloud, public cloud and traditional data centers.   

Areas where AccelOps can provide immediate impact:

  • Single pane of glass for full visibility and faster problem resolution
  • Scaled operational visibility
  • Automated compliance controls related to HIPAA, Omnibus, HITECH
  • BYOD
  • Security management
  • Network and device availability monitoring
  • Breach reporting and advanced alerts
  • Efficient audit and operational data management
  • Full role-based access that segregates what data individuals see or can do within applications


Healthways, the largest global provider of well-being improvement solutions, connects healthcare entities involved in patient care. AccelOps’ solution allows Healthways complete oversight of its entire infrastructure. 

AccelOps was “up and running in under three hours,” said Russell Butturini, senior enterprise architect at Healthways. “Once deployed, AccelOps’ powerful discovery capabilities helped us find things in our environment we didn’t even know about. Our immediate reaction was ‘Wow! This thing is incredible!’ “

Select Healthcare Customers Who Have Implemented AccelOps


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