IT Operations Management

Data Center Monitoring

By deploying AccelOps collectors within a remote data center or cloud service provider, a single AccelOps application monitors the entire infrastructure from a single screen as if the cloud-based servers were running on premise.

Virtualization Monitoring

AccelOps can support multiple virtual centers, handle hundreds of physical servers and thousands of Virtual Machines (VMs). Our VMware monitoring solution integrates with the powerful VMware native API to collect performance metrics for all layers of the VM hierarchy.


Operating Systems and Applications

AccelOps is capable of monitoring all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix and a wide variety of business applications such as DNS/DHCP servers, Exchange, Active Directory, IIS servers, web servers and custom-built applications. It can also monitor all major databases such as Oracle and SQL server.


Environmental Monitoring

AccelOps is the industry’s first solution that seamlessly integrates security (SIEM), performance and availability monitoring. AccelOps monitors all domains of the data center, including servers, storage, network elements, security devices, users, and applications – in real time – to quickly identify and resolve security incidents and performance bottlenecks.


Real-time Alerts

AccelOps designed the monitoring application for both real-time alerting and forensic analysis. A real-time search allows users to specify a set of attributes to monitor specific events as they happen. Once the user has chosen the parameters, AccelOps filters incoming events based on the defined criteria and displays the results. IT can easily add additional filter criteria to highlight specific types of events.


Business Service Management

AccelOps is designed to yield immediate value and convenient installation with a dynamic web 2.0 interface, setup wizards and auto-discovery of network resources. Built-in analytics enable extensive, component-based IT management. AccelOps provides a bottom-up, pragmatic approach to business service management. Once started, users are encouraged to establish IT and business services to enable even greater oversight, service reliability and assured Service-Level Agreement (SLA) delivery.