Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

The demand for managed services has fueled the rivalry among Managed Service Providers (MSPs) competing for new customers and expanding services. MSPs need to provide profitable and competitive services in the face of increasing complexity and scale of their customers’ IT environments. They are expected to deliver operational efficiencies, reduce operational costs and support regulatory compliance at lower costs and greater efficiencies than their customers can achieve in-house.

With MSP success comes growth — in the number of customers, in the size of the companies served, in the number of devices monitored, in the volume of events processed, in the complexity of IT infrastructure, in the need to meet different regulatory requirements and in the number of geographic locations served. There is no room – or time — for error.

MSPs need a comprehensive, unified way to monitor, manage and optimize their IT services—and boost business efficiencies and performance. AccelOps offers a scalable, high-performance, multi-tenant monitoring platform that gives Managed Service Providers solutions to reduce costs and improve their overall effectiveness by spanning server, storage, network, security, application and user domains across the entire IT infrastructure – both in traditional data centers and virtually in the cloud.



Using AccelOps’ all-in-one monitoring solution, MSPs can reduce costs and improve their overall effectiveness by monitoring all aspects of their customers’ IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, network, security and applications, in a unified manner. This eliminates the blind spots and operational overlaps that reduce service levels and increase costs when operations are managed as independent silos, resulting in a more efficient, consistent and profitable service delivery operation. AccelOps’ multi-tenant platform enables MSP customers to offer valuable services to their customers, including:
  • Remote customer monitoring for performance, availability, security and change and alerts
  • IT event correlation and analysis
  • Remote premise, colocation, hybrid monitoring
  • Uptime and availability monitoring
  • Critical business services monitoring
  • Managed network and hosting services
  • VDI and desktop management
  • Security monitoring and cloud security management
  • Compliance reporting
  • Digital asset protection
Referentia, a leading provider of mission-assured cyber security technologies and data center solutions for the federal government, implemented AccelOps in Amazon EC2. “We were trying to get into managed services … but wanted to minimize our capital outlays … so it makes sense to access SIEM and monitoring as a service [from AccelOps],” said Anthony Giandomenico, director of solutions at Referentia. Integrity Technology Systems, a Managed Service Provider implemented AccelOps. “Beyond being a superior SIEM platform, we feel that we have a competitive advantage with AccelOps,” said President Dave Nelson. “AccelOps gave us a positive ROI in less than three months. We do not have to buy and manage additional appliances for each customer or retire old appliances. This has allowed us to realize a positive ROI faster, which in turn freed up capital to help drive expansion of our business — a very big win.” “The combination of SIEM, performance and availability monitoring capabilities under a common platform simply does not exist in other products in the marketplace today,” said Brian Thomas, partner and CTO, Security7 Networks, a provider of managed IT services.