Business Challenges

The manufacturing industry relies on cutting-edge technology to deliver operational efficiencies and troubleshooting, process automation, cost reduction and competitive advantage. Manufacturers need to be nimble, with the ability to respond to fluctuations in market demand.

IT environments in the manufacturing industry are complicated, spanning geographically disperse areas – often globally – while connecting manufacturing and logistics into real-time operations. Many systems come together connecting assembly, packaging, quality control and distribution. Any break in any system could impact downtime, reputation and revenue.

 AccelOps for Manufacturing


Details and Benefits

AccelOps gives manufacturers full insight into daily IT operations and the ability to continuously and proactively improve processes. AccelOps provides a mechanism to determine root-cause analysis and quickly resolve problems before they impact entire operations. With AccelOps, manufacturers can monitor critical system processes and receive alerts on server, network and application-level events. 

Areas where AccelOps can provide immediate impact:

  • Collect and analyze data from various systems and devices
  • Reduce and proactively identify operational and security threats
  • Improve service reliability and uptime
  • Automate compliance controls
  • Security management
  • Network and device availability monitoring
  • Efficient management and use of audit and operational data
  • Integrated log management, SIEM, flow analysis, configuration and performance monitoring
  • Comprehensive dashboards and reporting


Robroy Industries uses the AccelOps IT Operations and Cloud Management platform to determine root-cause analysis of business disruptions and quickly resolve them. AccelOps helps the manufacturer monitor critical system processes and alerts on server, network and application-level events.

“AccelOps provides us direct line of sight into issues and helps us improve operations on an ongoing basis,” said Mike Deane, vice president and CFO at Robroy. “AccelOps is woven into the fabric of how we continuously measure and improve business performance.”

Select Manufacturing Customers Who Have Implemented AccelOps

ACH Food Companies, Inc.

ACH is one of the largest branded consumer oil manufacturers and marketers in North America, featuring Mazola®, the leading corn oil brand in the USA.


Panasonic Corp. is a worldwide leader in the development and glining of electronic technologies and solutions for customers in residential, non-residential, mobility and personal applications.

H.B. Fuller Company

H.B. Fuller Company (NYSE: FUL) is a leading global adhesives provider with offerings of adhesives, sealants, paints and other specialty chemicals.

Daktronics, Inc.

Daktronics, Inc. (NASDAQ: DAKT) is the leading designer and manufacturer of electronic scoreboards and large screen video displays using LED technology.