What is Cloud Monitoring?

Posted on: February 5th, 2010 by AccelOps

Cloud computing has become a key way for businesses to manage resources, which are now provided through remote servers and over the Internet instead of through the old hard-wired systems which seem so out of date today. Cloud computing allows companies to outsource some resources and applications to third parties and it means less hassle and less hardware in a company. Just like any outsourced system, though, cloud computing requires monitoring.

What happens when the services, servers, and Internet applications you rely on run into trouble, suffer downtime, or otherwise don’t perform to standard? How quickly will you notice and how well will you react?  Cloud monitoring allows you to track the performance of the cloud services you might be using. Whether you are using popular cloud services such as Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, or a customized solution, cloud monitoring ensures that all systems are go. Cloud monitoring allows you to follow response times, service availability and more of cloud services so that you can respond in the event of any problems.

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