AccelOps comments on ArcSight Acquisition by HP and SIEM market

Posted on: September 14th, 2010 by Imin Lee

Today’s acquisition of ArcSight by HP not only validates that the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) market is a proven market with widespread adoption by organizations globally, but also that a new and improved approach to managing enterprise IT environments is needed.
According to Bill Beghte, EVP of HP Software & Solution,

the market needs a better approach to managing the escalating complexity, escalating threats, and escalating regulation, and an approach where security and IT operation are converged, not siloed, an approach that is holistic and proactive, an approach that breaks down the traditional silos between IT operations and security to provide broader visibility, better context, and better continuity. So that is where we will focus.

These fundamental points and sound bites are so familiar to us –they are something that we have been preaching since we started the company almost three years ago. This is also the exact reason and philosophy behind this, our second startup, after our first SIEM start-up (Protego Networks) was acquired by Cisco in 2005.

Some of these key points and philosophies can be found in my earlier blogs (why now? and why accelops?) and and in our SOC/NOC convergence whitepaper.

So in a nutshell, we are happy to see that these fundamental points on SOC/NOC convergence, on the holistic approach vs. the siloed approach to managing the datacenter and IT environment, are validated by today’s acquisition, and these same principles are emphasized over and over again in Bill Veghte’s press conference.

We, AccelOps, as an Integrated Datacenter & Cloud Management solution company, have integrated the management of availability, performance, security and compliance in a holistic way. The key is to allow enterprise organizations and cloud providers to be more Intelligent, Proactive and Secure in delivering IT services, without the heavy integration costs and high SW investment costs as with HP and ArcSight. The concept of convergence is a reality for us, as opposed to just wishful thinking in IT managers and executives’ heads.  AccelOps provides best-of-breed SOC/NOC convergence today, while HP and ArcSight will start thinking about convergence in the days, months and years to follow.

In the last year, since we launched our company, we have received an overwhelming response from the market and from our customers.  The awards from industry experts, the reviews from the analysts, and the growth of our sales pipeline proves that we are on the right track for what the market needs. The HP/ArcSight acquisition is just another positive validation of our story.

Other analysts assessments concur… See Mike Rothman’s comments on HP’s acquisition at

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