More Thoughts on the Current and Future State of the SIEM Market

Posted on: September 16th, 2010 by Imin Lee No Comments

While the HP acquisition supports the value of SIEM, it also points out the potential downside of a SIEM-only business model. The IT environment is flattening not only from an infrastructure perspective but from an operational perspective. CIO’s are faced with the challenge of delivering against SLA’s, mitigating risk and reducing costs in the face of increasing complexity due to virtualization, cloud computing, regulation, etc. How can SIEM pure plays address these challenges? How do IT ops pure plays meet these challenges?

The reality is that neither type of company can fully satisfy the market need. This is what HP recognized as they acquired ArcSight. However, what HP will quickly realize is that simply buying the parts and lumping them into the same portfolio will not easily meet the market needs, other than from a messaging perspective. The holistic, end-to-end approach where IT ops and security work together from a common platform requires a modern, web 2.0 architecture.

We recognized these problems and gaps in thinking and technology three years ago. This was the genesis of AccelOps.

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