How Will Cloud Management Change The Face of Business?

Posted on: February 12th, 2010 by AccelOps

Many companies are already using cloud computing to manage and access servers and resources from many locations in one centralized place of business. Cloud computing has made it possible for businesses to rely on a host of services, products and resources from around the world, building businesses and options which were not possible before. Cloud management – creating feasible ways to management, monitor, and work with remotely held resources – is not only changing the ways companies work, but it is also changing the very face of business in several interesting ways:

1) Blurring lines between services, products, and resources. In the past, customers went to a business, where they could purchase a product or a service. It was clear what a product was and what a service was. Today, that notion has gone the way of the dinosaur, thanks in part to cloud computing and cloud management.

2) Creating new pathways to innovation. With good cloud management, companies can work more effectively with resources, customer feedback, and employee ideas, creating new tools for emerging new ideas.

3) Encouraging customer-focused ideas and designs. Cloud management allows companies to focus on outcomes, rather than on resources. That is, cloud management systems allow companies to ask “How can I do what the customer needs?” rather than “Can we do this?” This allows for more customer satisfaction and better business.

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