The AccelOps SIEM Pricing

Easy To Understand, Flexible and Relevant to Your Business

AccelOps pricing is straightforward and affordable for organizations of all sizes. We focus on pricing metrics that are relevant to your business. We allow you to get started quickly and expand for a fair and reasonable price as your enterprise grows.  Our approach is transparent with no tricks.


There are three easy ways in which to buy AccelOps, with significant volume discounts built in to
help enterprises receive more costs benefits as usage expands:

1 – Security (SIEM) & Compliance Operations Management

For those companies wanting to leverage AccelOps’ security and compliance capabilities to secure their enterprise, we price on the industry standard of Events Per Second (EPS).

2 – Network Performance and
Availability Monitoring

For those companies wanting to leverage the AccelOps network performance and availability monitoring solution, we price per device – not per device CPU, per core or node. 

3 – All-in-One Platform

For the full power of the integrated AccelOps platform, we strongly recommend purchasing the full AccelOps all-in-one platform that includes both the Security (SIEM) and Performance and Availability modules. This will allow you to eliminate several point-solution products, and give you an integrated, full infrastructure view of your security and performance and availability events – all on one screen. 



Entice you with low up front cost only to find out you actually end up owing hundreds of thousands or even millions in fees for storing or indexing your own data. Why should you pay for YOUR data?  AccelOps does not charge you for storing your data.




We don’t believe in splitting our solution into numerous small pieces of functionality that are disjointed and additional fees for each piece of functionality.  We have built our solution on a single code base that allows you to use the functionality you need and expand knowing that your solution is future-proof, easy to maintain and we’ll lower your TCO overtime (not vice versa).  



We do not charge per user or per report. You can have as many users and run as many reports and dashboards as you need, utilizing the power of the platform to discover, analyze and automate to reap the many benefits of AccelOps. 

With AccelOps, you will see an immediate ROI by reducing the number of point solutions you have to manage for your security, performance and availability functions, as well as automated compliance and reporting.

Subscription and Perpetual Licensing

AccelOps offers customers the flexibility to choose subscription or perpetual licensing.

Subscription License: This option allows companies to pay an annual fee instead of a one-time perpetual license fee. This is valuable for companies with a laser focus on capital expenditures vs. operating expenses. In addition, it allows them to get started for a lower upfront cost. Annual maintenance fees are included in the pricing.

Perpetual License: This option allows organizations to buy the AccelOps solution along with the appropriate licenses needed for their enterprise, plus annual maintenance fees.

Enterprise Licensing Agreements

For companies looking to leverage AccelOps as their enterprise-wide IT operations management solution for security, network performance and compliance, we offer custom pricing to meet the unique needs of your enterprise.

Professional Services

Professional Services for installation, customization and training are also available.

Partner Pricing

There is special pricing for AccelOps Channel Partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Please ask your sales representative for details.

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