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AccelOps is a patented analytics-driven Network and Security Operations Center management platform for all network types including public, private and hybrid cloud and virtualized infrastructures. The AccelOps comprehensive platform provides both NOC and SOC professionals with an integrated and cross-correlated view of the data they need to rapidly identify and remediate issues that may be threatening their organization’s network. The AccelOps CMDB (Centralized Management Database) engine automatically discovers all devices and applications attached to the network, building comprehensive network topology maps that span geographies, servers, storage, networks, security, applications and users and their respective inter-relationships. The CMDB continues to self-learn any new elements that come on to the network beyond the baseline topology.  The AccelOps analytics tools enable cross-correlation of real-time data from all the elements attached to the network, reporting on and providing alerts to any thresholds outside of standard parameters that may indicate threats to security, compliance and performance. The AccelOps platform scales seamlessly and provides unmatched  proactive security, compliance and operational intelligence, with out-of-the-box regulatory compliance reports, and thousands of customizable field for creating for tailored reports for organizations to be more agile, responsive and competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

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Our Products

Security (SIEM) and Cloud Monitoring
With a powerful analytics engine, automated CMDB and event consolidation, smart anomaly detection, identity and location binding, and flexible data management, we redefine the next generation of SIEM.   Read More
Performance & Availability Monitoring
Our cross-domain monitoring approach spans server, storage, network, virtualization and applications to automatically cross-correlate metrics in real-time.   Read More
There are three easy ways in which to buy AccelOps, with significant volume discounts built in to help enterprises receive more costs benefits as usage expand.   Read More
The AccelOps Advantage
AccelOps’ software-only application runs on a VMware ESX or ESXi virtual appliance and doesn’t require any purpose-built hardware.   Read More

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Our software-only solution features an automated discovery driven approach that shortens your path to comprehensive monitoring and prevents future security blind spots.   See how customers in all industries are using AccelOps