The AccelOps platform is robust, providing solutions that address the top concerns across many types of environments, irrespective of industry.

SANS Critical Security Controls

Security professionals face the challenge of staying ahead of the rising rate of attacks and the increasing sophistication with which they occur. Organizations must design and adopt ever more advanced threat protection solutions and strategies that leverage new technologies and approaches to detect and block attacks. But with all of the available solutions and approaches from which to choose, how do you know which one will work best for you? 

One way is to implement the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls in your IT security evaluation and planning. The SANS Institute is the largest cooperative research and education organization for information security training, certification and research. The SANS Top 20 lists essential security controls that help define and guide strategies and solutions for effective cyber-defense. It is a valuable checklist that security and IT managers can use to evaluate how systems and strategies address major threats and vulnerabilities. The SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls have become an accepted standard for developing security controls and functions that are effective against the latest cyber-threats.

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Meeting the Demands of the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls

The SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls are a valuable structure upon which to build your organization’s readiness to counter cyber-attacks, but it can be difficult to meet the demands of all 20 controls without holistic command over the environment. As the high-profile recent breaches at companies such as Target and Neiman Marcus demonstrate, even organizations with advanced security systems and adequate staffing find it difficult, if not impossible, to effectively fend off cyber-criminals without processes to control the discovery and management of security blind spots.

AccelOps is a virtual appliance that employs an automated discovery-driven approach that shortens the path to comprehensive IT monitoring and prevents future security blind spots. Customers have found that AccelOps is the most effective and comprehensive solution available to address the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls criteria and benefit from an advanced security monitoring platform that analyzes and automates the discovery of advanced cyber-threats and attacks.

AccelOps allows security professionals and system administrators to implement and manage more inclusive and complete cyber-threat strategies across their entire organization, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Download the whitepaper, “Defend Your Organization from Cyber-Thieves: Don’t Be the Next Target,” to see how AccelOps approaches 17 of the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls and how you can take steps to better secure your organization