Customizable Dashboards

The built-in summary dashboards provide a consolidated overview of performance, availability, and security status for all devices and applications which belong to a specific functional group or business service.

Using a fast update mechanism and leveraging the Adobe Flex interface, AccelOps screens are refreshed quickly and automatically to provide quick insight into the current health of network devices, servers, applications, and services. Health is presented in three simple grades: normal, warning, and critical. You can conveniently drill down and obtain the details for each metric along with trends, to proactively manage issues and respond to problems or threats before they become critical. You can further tune the performance of health parameters according to the criticality of the device.

AccelOps also features fully customizable dashboards across availability, performance, change and security dimensions including TopN information on various metrics along with the system itself.

The solution contains more than 400 customizable widgets and can be drag-and-dropped into any dashboard. Each widget can be further customized to provide aggregate, trending, or tabular views. You can adjust the layout by easily selecting from several options and choose from charting displays such as time series trending, pie, column, or spark line charts

The fast auto-refresh mechanism allows the near real-time update of the dashboard data to provide a current view into infrastructure issues and threats as they occur. You can quickly obtain additional context within dashboard object health status by instantly running a query or drilling down into specific incidents.

Instant Drill down

Instant Drill Down

One-click, recursive drilldown can be performed on any column to make refining search criteria a breeze and to expedite root-cause analysis that is less error prone. The quick information will provide detailed information about IP address, MAC address or user. In addition to the inventory data, it shows the health summary of the server without leaving the context.

You can select to view multiple rows of interesting information within the same trend view using checkbox selections in order to help pinpoint anomalies in the network behavior in a matter of seconds.