Sports, Entertainment & Hospitality

Business Challenges

What do sports and concert enthusiasts and hotel guests all have in common? The expectation of a reliable and available network to access the Internet, make purchases, view videos and movies, listen to audio and browse the web. Ensuring visitor returns and quality experience depends on the speediest, most available, secure network experience possible.

Accessing online entertainment and making purchases pose device and identity risks. Downtime, slow access and security breaches can impact repeat attendance, frustrate customers and impact brand. Customer loyalty is dependent on excellent customer experience and the ability to deliver new services.  

AccelOps for Sports, Entertainment & Hospitality


Details and Benefits

AccelOps provides secure network monitoring of performance, reliability and availability. AccelOps’ analytics-driven IT Operations and Cloud Management platform for cloud and virtualized infrastructures manages security, network performance and compliance, all in one tool. AccelOps provides proactive insight for security management (SIEM), performance and availability of IT infrastructure and applications on a single platform – working across traditional data centers, private and public clouds.   

Areas where AccelOps can provide immediate impact:

  • Track user and device location
  • Collect and analyze retail and custom data from various systems and devices
  • Reduce and proactively identify operational and security threats
  • Improve service reliability and uptime
  • Track discount activity
  • Automate compliance controls
  • Security management
  • Network and device availability monitoring

Select Sports, Entertainment & Hospitality Customers Who Have Implemented AccelOps

Crown Worldwide Group

Established in 1965, the Crown Worldwide Group is a privately held company with that serves customers from over 250 locations in 55 countries.


The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the four major professional sports associations in North America, boasting 30 professional ice hockey franchises in the United States and Canada.

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority

Develops, conducts, manages and operates on-reserve casinos in Canada’s Saskatchewan region.

The Marcus Corporation

The Marcus Corporation (NYSE: MCS), is a leader in the lodging and entertainment industries.