Survey Says Real-Time SIEM is Key to Safety

A survey released by McAfee this week reveals that real-time SIEM solutions are helping organizations detect dangerous Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) within minutes. McAfee polled 473 IT decision makers from companies in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Australia and found that 78 percent of organizations were able to detect targets within minutes using a real-time SIEM solution.

The survey also found:

  • 57 percent of companies able to detect targeted attacks within minutes experienced 10 or fewer attacks last year.

  • 74 percent of respondents said they are highly concerned about their ability to handle targeted attacks and APTs.

  • 52 percent of those least concerned about attacks are using a real-time SIEM solution.

  • Organizations most effective at detecting attacks are focusing on several key indicators, including unusual alert patterns, suspicious outbound traffic, and unexpected internal traffic

An effective defense not only depends on finding the threat, but also doing it in time to prevent further disaster. Real-time SIEM allows for continuous monitoring, data aggregation, and alerting. Organizations can deploy the AccelOps security SIEM for all their network infrastructure monitoring needs. This product can be deployed across the onsite, offsite and even on cloud IT and computing environments. 

Just as any other SIEM, AccelOps is designed to counter problems that every organization faces. In any organization, data will be produced in many different locations that are geographically far from each other. Therefore, a centralized system of monitoring the data security is needed. The main objective of this solution is to make the monitoring of trends easier, find security threats and loopholes in real time when things are out of pattern. 

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About Accelops

AccelOps provides the leading IT operations analytics platform for the modern data center. The virtual appliance software monitors security, performance and compliance in cloud and virtualized infrastructures – all from a single screen.


AccelOps automatically discovers, analyzes and automates IT issues in machine and big data across organizations’ data centers and cloud resources, spanning servers, storage, networks, security, applications and users. AccelOps’ patented analytics engine with cross-correlation and statistical anomaly detection sends real-time alerts when deviations occur that indicate a security or performance-impacting event.


The AccelOps platform scales seamlessly and provides unmatched delivery of proactive security and operational intelligence, allowing organizations to be more responsive and competitive as they expand their IT capabilities. 

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