Business Challenges

The technology industry is broad, encompassing managed service and cloud providers, software and hardware vendors, online services, social media and technology services. IT environments span physical, virtual and cloud environments and generate terabytes of machine data.

There is no tolerance for downtime – and the need to deliver on the highest levels of security, performance, capacity and uptime is critical.  Regulatory compliance, audit trails, data storage and cross application visibility are requirements in order to maintain reputation and quality of service.


AccelOps for Technology


Details and Benefits

AccelOps provides network reliability, availability and performance monitoring. AccelOps’ analytics-driven IT Operations and Cloud Management platform for cloud and virtualized infrastructures manages security, network performance and compliance monitoring, through a single pane of glass. AccelOps provides proactive insight for security management (SIEM), performance and availability of IT infrastructure and applications on a single platform – working across traditional data centers, private, public and hybrid clouds.   

Areas where AccelOps can provide immediate impact to technology customers:

  • Remote customer and network monitoring for performance, availability, security and change and alerts
  • IT event correlation and analysis
  • Track user and device location
  • Uptime and availability monitoring
  • Critical business services monitoring
  • Digital asset protection
  • Reduce and proactively identify operational and security threats
  • Improve service reliability and uptime
  • Automated compliance controls


“AccelOps has unbelievably changed the way we do business,” said Jay Sitkin, manager of Information Security Operations at Unisys. “Reports for security investigations, which once took hours or even days, have been reduced to mere minutes.”   

Using AccelOps, the Unisys Information Security Operations group gets real-time security alerts and can take immediate action. Unisys’ information security has improved with AccelOps and the IT staff now has visibility to many disparate security logs. Viewing the events contained within the logs, Unisys can monitor security threats and incidents occurring in real time, which allows the team to proactively initiate counter-measures.


Select Technology Customers Who Have Implemented AccelOps


Infoblox delivers Automated Network Control solutions, the fundamental technology that connects end users, devices and networks.


Tableau Software is a global leader in rapid-fire, easy-to-use business analytics software. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information.


Unisys Corporation is a worldwide information technology company that provides IT services, software and technology to solve critical problems for its large customer base, which includes commercial organizations and government agencies.