The AccelOps Advantage

AccelOps offers many advantages over competing products. These include:

Decision Speed: Our patented, pattern-based, analysis technology processes highly complex decision logic in real-time.

Continuous Learning: The AccelOps solution continuously learns the behavior of your environment by cross-correlating log information, device availability and performance statistics, network flow data, user identity and location, and more. Your platform gets smarter while your management costs decrease.

Real-time Alerting and Historical Forensics: More than 300 rules detect anomalous behavior and events. Comprehensive search and reporting capabilities simplify compliance reporting.

Business Service Visibility: Monitoring data center resources, users and applications in the context of business services – not devices, speeds and feeds – to accelerate problem detection and resolution.

Secure, Multi-tenancy: A fully virtualized architecture deploys and scales easily to provide secure, partitioned views for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) supporting hundreds of clients or for individual departments within a large enterprise.

Simple Extensibility: The AccelOps monitoring application runs on a virtual appliance. Scaling the solution is as easy as adding additional Virtual Machines (VMs) to a cluster.

Virtual Appliance Key Features

  • AccelOps’ virtual appliance is a native VMware guest host installation
  • NAS or SAN-based storage options for flexible, scalable, online data retention
  • Virtual appliance clustering to scale-out data processing and storage capacity
  • VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler provides high availability
  • Hardened OS security and embedded operational data management
  • User authentication and encryption for software access
  • Role-based access control
  AccelOps’ software-only application runs on a VMware ESX or ESXi virtual appliance and doesn’t require any purpose-built hardware. Our virtual appliance model scales easily as needs change by simply adding VMs to a cluster. Installation takes only a few hours, and device discovery is automatic and agentless. AccelOps’ intuitive user interface is easy to learn and easy to use, usually delivering results in less than a day.

Ready, Set, Go for IT!

The AccelOps solution automatically discovers, baselines, and continuously monitors IT infrastructures by capturing, trending and assessing configurations, flows, objects and events. The system supports an extensive array of sources spanning network devices, systems, security, application, directory services, virtualization, and even environment controls. It aggregates, filters, and cross-correlates operational data dynamically, and efficiently stores the data for years of online historical analysis. Out-of-the box analytics, dashboards, reports, metrics, Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Google-like search and fingertip access to pertinent real-time and long-term historical data completely abstracts our high-performance data processing and optimized event data repository. An enticing web 2.0-browser interface allows for anytime, anywhere access to your organization’s AccelOps solution. Read on for details on the AccelOps Performance & Availability Monitoring and SIEM features.