Enterprise Search and Automated Reporting

500+ reports

AccelOps delivers a flexible and extensible reporting framework with more than 500 built-in and customizable reports categorized into device groups such as network devices, servers, and applications, and into functions such as security, performance and availability.

The search framework provides a simple and immediate means to to search historical data – both incidents and raw events. The feature supports result aggregation and sorting on any of the attribute values contained in the events. The user can further search within existing reports using smart search filters. Users can easily run, modify, and save the report criteria or schedule to run the report over future time intervals.

Within the dynamic search UI, you can modify the displayable fields, do sorting on any of the columns, and view the result pages on demand.

You can schedule the reports to run at any interval and the results can be emailed to administrators when generated.

You can export any report result into PDF or CSV, or the results can be saved for future reference and viewed on-demand.

You can schedule a report at any time with any level of granularity and the results will be delivered via email with an attached report PDF.

XML-based search and report definition enables easy and convenient sharing within the IT community.

All the report results provides three different views into the result data:

  • A trend view in a time chart that provides the time window in which events of interest occurred
  • A pie chart view that dives into the "aggregate" values of interesting data
  • A tabular view that displays all the detail fields along with queried data in a complete, multi-sorted table

You can save any generated report result for future viewing allowing query results to be reused.